Saturday, June 30, 2007

New Beginnings

Well, I am proud and happy to say that John and I will be moving into our new apartment on August 1st!!!!!

The damage deposit was paid on this past Friday...curtesy of John. I tried to pay half and he told me to pay it later...which was nice of him, very nice indeed.

So, I got to spend a day/night with John. It was awesome...after not seeing each other for two weeks...well, it was long over due time spent together. We went out for supper for Chinese to this place called "Smilies" it was nice...service was good there. Then he took me to show me where he worked...and wanted to show me off to his co-workers. It's a nice casino where he works, people seem down to earth. Then he took me to show me the new apartment...where we would be living. The travelling distance to and from his work when we move into the new place will be like two minutes rather than 15 or more(I'm guessing cause I have no idea)

So, after that we went back to his place and watched "Children of Men"....not what I thought...I dont think I would reccommend that movie to anyone. Then that was it. (What? Do you think I'm going to tell all my secrets?:P)

*So, on another note, I think all the cycling has paid off...I wore my pants the other day that I put in the dryer...usually when you do that...thye kinda shrink a little...well, they were too big. Just a size or so...but still ...the fact that that was such an awesome feeling!!!

So, John and I both have the 3rd and 4th off together...YAY!!!!! --too bad we couldnt go camping then...but that's okay...there will be time later for that.

you know what....I'm just sooooo happy...really I am. I'm with the most awesomest person that I could imgaine....he treats me unbelievably well.....and he's just ...awesome.

Well, that's it for now...more later.


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