Friday, July 20, 2007

Being with him

Well, it's almost been two months that my boyfriend and I have been together. There is just so many things I like about him, and the more I get to know him, the more I like. Here's some stuff.

-I like it when he's all dressed up, he just looks!
-I like it when he sings, it honestly melts me...he's got such an incredible voice.
-I enjoy holding hands with him, when he touches my hand it just sends currents through me.
-I like how he looks in a tophat, or old fashioned hat....
-I like that he's old fashioned and that he believes that chivalry isnt dead
-I really enjoy how he holds me close to him and I just feel so safe
-I truly appreciate how he does things for me, buys me dinner, says nice things....even though all I wanted from him ever is companionship
-I like the way he kisses me
-I really enjoy falling for him more and more everyday.
*These are just some of a few

So, I'm trying to get out of this part where Im afraid to say the "l-word" I'm terrified to say it, because the last time I did...everything crashed, and I got my heart broken. That's how I entered this relationship was with a broken heart. And I dont want to compare him to my exes....thats just not fair of me....but what am I supposed to do?!It annoys me that I feel like this...I want to be able to get past it. I mean, I dont want to go through life thinking that every guy is going to be just like the others...because they're not, not all of them. It's just finally when I think I might have found the one....he turns around and breaks my heart. I dont want this to happen. I want John to be the one. It want this to be final. I dont want to continue searching, I just want to make the last call on this relationship.

Well, I guess this is it for now...all I know is that when I choose to tell him those 3'll knock his socks off!!


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