Monday, July 2, 2007

Canada Day

Well, Happy Birthday Canada!!!

This morning I went for a bike ride with my mom #2. We did about was a nice trip!! Then I went to work....that was something after the bike ride. This afternoon wasn't too was quite busy...but not as bad as yesterday. They had me covering self checkouts for a bit, then put me on clean up, then stuck me on cash....then finally I went back on Self Checkouts. Later on, it was immensely, really. After work, my house mom picked me up, and we went to see the fireworks....they were nice, and better than some of the ones that I'm used to. Plus the band arrogant worms was playing, and they did play this one saskatchewan (sp?) song that John has was cool...nice ending to a long day at work! I guess this is it for now...maybe I'll post something else....who knows.


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