Saturday, October 25, 2008

After the wedding

All the glitz, the glamour, the flashes from the cameras, the wine, the curls, the's all over.

We'll be sending out our Thank you cards this week....can't wait for that...we really wanted to make them special to everyone, personalizing is very hard.

Nothing new is happening...although, theres a much stronger desire in me to not wait 6 months to have kids...but to start trying now :P However, we both want to get some debts paid off before we have children...and I'm biological clock is ticking! There are more complications that come with having kids over 30, than under I want to be a young mommy. My dream all of my life was to be a mom, and I'm going to fulfill that dream.

Here's something interesting that happened this past week. I'm now the new Area Ranger Advisor !!! Woo HOO! Soooo excited about that.

Pathfinders got off to a shaky start, myself and another leaders heads butted, but were doing a lot better now. And I'm sure that Pathfinders is gonna keep going strong!

That's it! I'm off!

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