Friday, February 20, 2009

Paws Winter Sketch Fest - 6x12 album challenges so far

This was my first attempt at a 6x12 album. I really like how it turned out :o) The journal says "In December 2007, John and I were living in Edmonton. We wanted to save money on our engagement pictures, so we went to Rundle Park, and had a blast, & took them ourselves. We ended up saving a lot of money and got beautiful pictures." This of course isn't our engagement picture, but it's of us having fun in the park, and just enjoying ourselves.

This is my 2nd attempt at the 6x12 album layout. I really enjoyed doing this one, as it brought back memories of when I was a child. The journal says "We sure loved our poppy. We would always be poppy's girls. I dont remember him, I was (I think) 3 when he died. But I do know that he loved us very much. (1983)"

This is my 3rd attempt at the 6x12 album layout. This special one was fun to do. I really loved taking road trips with my younger sister, and we always had a blast. I'm not going to type out the journalling because theres too much of it, enjoy reading! TFL

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I feel like a social reject

Tonight, was supposed to be a fun night for me. No, really it was. I have no idea of what kind of fun I was expecting though. I was going to the movies with the paws girls, and not my husband - first time going out with people other than just my husband and I.

The girls all stood around afterwards and talked, and I guess that's where I consider myself a "social reject". It is not anyone's fault but my own. I wasn't being "snotty" or "stuck up" I guess maybe it's just because for the last 7 months, I have not made any friends, haven't gone out anywhere, and I dont do anything unless my husband is with me. Maybe, it's because I don't know how to react to being around people, maybe I just dont have any kind of social skills.

Whatever it is, as I sit here typing this, a few tears are falling. They're falling because I so badly want to make friends here, and just seems so far out of my reach.

Maybe this goes back to when I was a kid, and how I sheltered myself. I would always be in my room with my nose in a book...not wanting but desperately wanting to have friends. When the chance would happen, I'd always pass it up. I guess maybe I felt I wasn't good enough to be someone elses friend.

Maybe all this babbling is nonsense, and makes me seem like a pity party all to myself. I'm not like that though. I'm a very nice person, and I believe I have good qualities that would make me a good friend to lots of people. I just dont have the social skills to be that person.