Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So....I just had a huge post of our Cavendish Beach trip....and it's not here....WTH!!!!!!!!!

Today is just not my day. It really isn't...I'm sick and tired of seeing negatives on the HPT's....I just want to give up. And If I stop trying, I feel like I might miss my month, or maybe I haven't tried hard enough, and I'll be kicking myself in the behind for not trying. I'm recording my temps, and I'm charting with Fertility Friend. So...I keep thinking...maybe I just can't have kids...or maybe I'm not good enough to have children. It's scary having all those thoughts run through a persons mind, it really is. I mean, I feel inadeuqate because I haven't gotten a positive result yet. I know I haven't been trying for a year or two, but for those of us who have tried and kept trying...and just keep getting disapointed....you know what I'm going through...it's painful, and heart breaking. Sorry...I just had to vent, and get that out.

Well, here's to 7 months of trying....maybe we'll just stop this month...and completely stop. Thanks for letting me rant.

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Zoe said...

Awww hunny, I tried for a few months with our third and she came when we least expected it.

Good Luck and {{{{HUGS}}}}