Thursday, November 26, 2009

24 weeks! 16 to go

So, yesterday (Nov. 25) was the 24 week mark! and I still look like there's nothing going on inside of me :( I will take another picture anyhow...just for kicks.

Speaking of kicks...this kid is going to be a soccer player when he/she grows up. There is not a dull moment in my day...actually, the baby is kicking now as I type.

Dh and I were lying in bed, and he was getting dissapointed because he couldn't feel the kicks yet. I had my hand on my tummy, and I FELT A KICK! and I grabbed his hand, and put it on my tummy....a few moments later...he felt the kick!!!! He was soooooooooo happy!!!!! I'm so glad he felt the kicks.

I got new glasses yesterday, they are nice...but boy oh boy....they're gonna take a while to get used to...either that or something is wrong with the lenses...which I actually think it is. Things look closer and a little warped. So, if I can make it to the optical today to get them looked at, I'll try.

Today is also my 6 mth checkup...can't wait for that one. They're always good!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baby Wojcik

So, I finally decided that it was time to show the world our little miracle's first photos. These pictures are taken at 19wk,5days. We do not know the sex of the baby, and we do not wish to find out, we'll know when the baby decides to meet us. Thank you for letting me share this wonderful joy with you.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Random thoughts

DH and I went to our interview in Halifax...and well, it was a complete waste of time and money for us. The guy just talked about this one property that he wanted to hire for on Monday....this that would give us 2 days notice to our bosses. Plus it was bigger than the one we have now...and we're trying to downsize no go bigger. So we said no. Well, that was pretty much it for discussion. We were under the impression from the HR dept. that they would talk a bit more about other properties, but there was nothing there..the guy couldn't wait to get us out of the you could tell he was very bored. WE took the time out of our day where we could have been doing things around the property or whatever else...UGH!!! it just made me frustrated! DH did have another interview with a company in Truro....and the base salary would be exactly what we need! So, we are just praying and hoping that something works out for us soon.

We recieved the ultrasound pictures...17.00 for 2????? that's quite a bit of money there dont ya think?? anyhow...they looked different than what I thought they would. I thought that they'd be bigger...but the tech was zoomed out. Either way it's our miracle that we're looking at :) I will post them as soon as I can :)

Today will be cleaning/packing/storing day. We've decided that we're going to be SUPER prepared for when an opportunity opens up. No, we're not packing away everything we own, but things we dont need will be put away.

I guess that's enough rambling for now...more will come later. thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

random mumblings

Today is such a dreary day outside. It's funny though, because I love rain, and I love snow. It's not snowing yet...not until Thursday/Friday. I CANT WAIT!!!! I love how the snow gently coats everything like a cashmere blanket. Everything looks pristine, almost as if you're afraid to touch it because you would ruin perfection. Then again...I love sledding, and snowballs, and snow angels, and making snowmen, and skiing...gotta love skiing.

I've been in a huge rut since I left the DT for LCOM. It seems as if my creativity has left me as well. I'm making cards...but no layouts :( I'm really not too pleased with this at all. If anyone has any mojo, I would certainly love to borrow some until mine comes back.

The project that I'm working on now is a layout for Rememberance Day. Dana posted a note about a Card challenge. However, I asked if I could turn it into a layout instead...I just might do a card too though. Here's the link: Aren't those cards fabulous!!

So, on another note...I've made it 1/2 way through. I have to admit...I'm truly scared out of my mind...what was I thinking when we decided to do this!! I've never raised kids before....I've only babysat, and heck...I've never even held a newborn! What if I do something wrong? What if I dont feed him/her properly?? What if I dont know why the little one is crying...what if I buy the wrong kind of this or that....what if i'm not a good mother....I know worry is a common enough thing...but I'm near loosing my bloody mind!

Onto another thing...dh and I have an interview on Thursday for a transfer within the compnay, but to another province. If we get it, this will mean yet another move...2 in one year...not bad...right, i'll just keep on telling myself that! It'll mean moving to a bigger city, more traffic, faster way of life, faster everything. But at least we wont feel segregated from our family's, and we wont have to pay a fee to get to the other part of Canada. I dont get it...when I went home to my home town...we paid 20.00 when we for the boat it's 62.00 and the bridge is 42.50!!! Why is it so friggin expensive!!!

I am waiting for paint to dry...maybe that's why I'm rambling so much...and off to make lunch! Thanks for reading!