Thursday, November 26, 2009

24 weeks! 16 to go

So, yesterday (Nov. 25) was the 24 week mark! and I still look like there's nothing going on inside of me :( I will take another picture anyhow...just for kicks.

Speaking of kicks...this kid is going to be a soccer player when he/she grows up. There is not a dull moment in my day...actually, the baby is kicking now as I type.

Dh and I were lying in bed, and he was getting dissapointed because he couldn't feel the kicks yet. I had my hand on my tummy, and I FELT A KICK! and I grabbed his hand, and put it on my tummy....a few moments later...he felt the kick!!!! He was soooooooooo happy!!!!! I'm so glad he felt the kicks.

I got new glasses yesterday, they are nice...but boy oh boy....they're gonna take a while to get used to...either that or something is wrong with the lenses...which I actually think it is. Things look closer and a little warped. So, if I can make it to the optical today to get them looked at, I'll try.

Today is also my 6 mth checkup...can't wait for that one. They're always good!

Thanks for reading!

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Tanya said...

the little kicks are sooo amazing! cherish each one Becky!