Tuesday, November 3, 2009

random mumblings

Today is such a dreary day outside. It's funny though, because I love rain, and I love snow. It's not snowing yet...not until Thursday/Friday. I CANT WAIT!!!! I love how the snow gently coats everything like a cashmere blanket. Everything looks pristine, almost as if you're afraid to touch it because you would ruin perfection. Then again...I love sledding, and snowballs, and snow angels, and making snowmen, and skiing...gotta love skiing.

I've been in a huge rut since I left the DT for LCOM. It seems as if my creativity has left me as well. I'm making cards...but no layouts :( I'm really not too pleased with this at all. If anyone has any mojo, I would certainly love to borrow some until mine comes back.

The project that I'm working on now is a layout for Rememberance Day. Dana posted a note about a Card challenge. However, I asked if I could turn it into a layout instead...I just might do a card too though. Here's the link: http://www.letscaptureourmemories.com/forum/index.php?topic=2827.0 Aren't those cards fabulous!!

So, on another note...I've made it 1/2 way through. I have to admit...I'm truly scared out of my mind...what was I thinking when we decided to do this!! I've never raised kids before....I've only babysat, and heck...I've never even held a newborn! What if I do something wrong? What if I dont feed him/her properly?? What if I dont know why the little one is crying...what if I buy the wrong kind of this or that....what if i'm not a good mother....I know worry is a common enough thing...but I'm near loosing my bloody mind!

Onto another thing...dh and I have an interview on Thursday for a transfer within the compnay, but to another province. If we get it, this will mean yet another move...2 in one year...not bad...right, i'll just keep on telling myself that! It'll mean moving to a bigger city, more traffic, faster way of life, faster everything. But at least we wont feel segregated from our family's, and we wont have to pay a fee to get to the other part of Canada. I dont get it...when I went home to my home town...we paid 20.00 when we left....here for the boat it's 62.00 and the bridge is 42.50!!! Why is it so friggin expensive!!!

I am waiting for paint to dry...maybe that's why I'm rambling so much...and off to make lunch! Thanks for reading!

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