Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big Brother Scrapbooking Competiton

At LCOM we have been having a "Big Brother" contest. I lasted 7 weeks, and I had a blast creating things I would never have done before!! I mean, who in their right mind (not me obviously) would do a page out of cardboard? and monochromatic??? it's just not me...but once I created them, I LOVED!! them!!! I am not 100% sure if I have these posted in order of the weeks. There were 2 luxury being a Valentines Day Card...the other being a "Tim Holtzy" style tag. The mini album, I have given to my daughter for her 1st birthday :) So, without further you go:


JoanneK said...

Your mini album is fantastic!!! Very nice work Becky!

JoanneK said...

your mini album is fabulous!!! great stuff Becky!