Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Break Activities

I was recently asked if I could post some activites for kids to do while on Christmas Break. Growing up, we didn't have a tv, and my mom always had "home made fun" for us. So, here is a list of some of the activities you can do with your "bored" kids on Christmas break.

1)Make apple cinnamon ornaments (even young ones can do this-ask me for ingredients)
2)Make snowflakes (popsicle sticks, glitter, glue)
3)Do a ginger bread house. You build it, let the kids do what they want for decorating. And we know they dont ever come with enough icing or swing by the bulk food store and grab some extras.
4)Make window art (picture frame, beads,buttons,gems, mod podge (or clear glue) )
5)Games night!
6)Movie night! (let the kids pick the movie, and the snacks, let them prepare it or help them)
7)Make Christmas crackers!
8)Make home made christmas gifts (cake mix in a jar/cookie mix in a jar)
9)Make ice candles(milk carton, wick,crushed ice, wax (from cheapo candles))
10)Make tin can lanterns (ask me for product lists...)
11)cook outside (why not bundle up and have a bbq?
12)Birdwatching...It's amazing how many sweet birds stick around for winter
13)have snowball fights/build snow forts
14)make snow art....get some spray bottles from the dollar store, fill with coloured water and let the kids go at the snow
15)volunteer/visit a seniors home(with permission of course)/carolling/community tree lighting events
16)ice skating
17)free for all friday (or whatever day)...drag out ALL craft items, leave them in one place and let the kids create whatever they want to
18)Star gazing...let the kids stay up a little later and star gaze...teach them of some before you go out. Stars seem brighter in the winter
19)go tubing/sledding/skiing/sleigh ride
20)make chocolate/fruit fondue
21)sock puppets...grab some of their old socks...and you could either sew on button eyes for them, or teach them how to.
22)puppet show with their sock puppets
23)pretend it's summer and spread out the picnic blanket in the livign room...and have a picnic lunch
24)Make finger paints
25)chocolate pudding bath hehe
26)yogurt paint (tub of vanilla yogurt, food coloring-let them go wild in the tub)
27)playdoh...home made or bought
28)build forts