Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Party @ Pathfinders

Halloween Party tonight went well. I have 2 wonderful leaders in the group, and they just come up with fantastic ideas.

First thing we did was make "masks" I gave them the masks, and they painted them, glittered them, and feathered them...they seemed to really enjoy it. Then after that, they played a game where they had to dress up, and open a chocolate bar with a plastic fork and knife. The next game, they had to be mummified with 2 small rolls of toilet paper...the girl I mummified won!! They then had a mad lib game!that was awesome! they enjoyed that!!

So, that was my was a blast, and it was fun...and I dressed up as a hippie!

Wedding Pictures

So, here are some pics from friends: They are of course all at the hair, my mom, my little sister....getting or done our hair.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

After the wedding

All the glitz, the glamour, the flashes from the cameras, the wine, the curls, the's all over.

We'll be sending out our Thank you cards this week....can't wait for that...we really wanted to make them special to everyone, personalizing is very hard.

Nothing new is happening...although, theres a much stronger desire in me to not wait 6 months to have kids...but to start trying now :P However, we both want to get some debts paid off before we have children...and I'm biological clock is ticking! There are more complications that come with having kids over 30, than under I want to be a young mommy. My dream all of my life was to be a mom, and I'm going to fulfill that dream.

Here's something interesting that happened this past week. I'm now the new Area Ranger Advisor !!! Woo HOO! Soooo excited about that.

Pathfinders got off to a shaky start, myself and another leaders heads butted, but were doing a lot better now. And I'm sure that Pathfinders is gonna keep going strong!

That's it! I'm off!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Wedding Tears, laughs, name it!

I just got married!!! As of October 4th, 2008...I became the new Mrs. Wojcik!! But, it didn't come without a lot of stress, hard work, frustration, tears, prayers, laughs, and every other emotion you'd like to throw in.

So, I'll just tell you the goods as they happened.
October 1st...fiances night of hell
I was encouraged by my cousin on the evening of the 1st to try on my dress. I bought it back in June, and it fit okay...never tried it on since. I hadn't gained any weight so, I didn't think much of it. Well, much to my dismay...I tried it on, and the bloody thing wouldn't zip up!!!! This was at about 11pm that night. I think I nearly lost my mind. I couldn't hold back the tears, and I just held my mom and she hugged me as I cried. So, what does a girl do when her wedding dress 2 days before the wedding doesn't fit!? She calls out to her fiance in tears, and they drive off to the church parking lot, park and talk. I told him that I was not walking down the aisle without a dress, and that I wanted to cancel the wedding...I was that upset, and I was honestly prepared to call it all off. Well, my dear John convinced me to go back and re-try on the dress, he wanted to see if it could be let out (most dresses come with 6-8 inches of material to be let out). So, we get back to the house, and unfortunately, this wedding dress does not have ANY extra material at all, so, there was no chance of a seamstress being able to help me. I even tried on my mom's wedding hopes that something could be done. Nothing there either. We had an emergency on our hands. The next day (2nd) was get Becky a wedding dress day...2 days before the wedding.

So, October 2nd....First thing first in the morning, I had to go to a doctor about this stupid yeast wasn't clearing up, and I'd never had one before. So, the doctor gave me Diflucan (sp?) Once that was over, we were on a mission of get becky the dress today day. Our first stop was Penningtons to see if a waist slimmer would work with the original dress. Unfortunately, nothing....then we go to this wedding dress shop. I had a budget so, that was actually going against me. I went in with 2 bridesmaids, my fiance, my bridesmaid's husband. WE were on a mission...get me a dress 2nd chances. After 12 or so different dress ranging from 200-900....I finally picked one out..after I realized there was no more left to try on within my price range. Full of stress, relieved, frustrated, emotional and everything else...I just wanted to go home. I was also starting to get a major headache.

We went home, and I was feeling really, I went downstairs to lie down. I had the shakes, and I was in so much pain...just everywhere...I felt so sick to my stomach and I was on the verge of passing out. I fell asleep for a bit, then my John came down with some lunch for me...I just couldnt eat it...I was that sick. So, he laid down with me, and rubbed my back while I dozed off and slept. When I woke up, my mom was there with my Aunt who had just came in from out of town, and she had some excedrin for me. Within 1/2 an hour after sobbing, and hugs from my mom, I felt great. I'm sure it was the stress of what had just happened the past night, and trying to find a dress, along with everything else. So, after I felt better, all my bridesmaids and I went out to their dress shop to get their gowns, or fittings...whatever you want to call it. Also had to meet with my pianist...John and I went out for a bit to do that....and let me tell you...our pianist we had dropped out on us about 3.5 weeks before the wedding...this guy we found, well, I knew him before hand. He plays by ear....and I couldn't have chosen a better person. He was phenom!!!!!

***Want to know why the dress didn't fit...well, I've been sick this past 2 weeks with a super nasty cold, Middle ear infection, UTI infection, Yeast, I've just been retaining clothes still fit normal....nothing else changed...being sick was the cause for the dress to not fit though****

So, the girls, and guy go to the shop, they all get fitted...and they all look beautiful!! Wow...they really did look gorgeous! That night was also the night of the Seafood bbq my brother in law was apparantly hosting at our place, and my wedding shower, and my fiance and his groomsman were going to a movie to get away from the girls lol. The wedding shower was a riot, people were very generous...and yes, I did get lingerie (I was so against buying it...but my sister piped in and helped me out) I had a blast, and it sure was nice to get away from the stress of the wedding.

October 3
Picked up wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, all last minute stuff, decorated the reception hall, mom decided that her daughter wasn't having "fake flowers" for her bouquet or, we went to the grocery store and picked up quite a few gerber daisys and some chrysanthamums(sp?) That was the evening of our rehersal and rehersal dinner. Everything went well. We went to my aunts place for the dinner, good food, and lots of fun. John's groomsman - one of them is a professional magician! So, he put on a magic show, and it was well appreciated. That night, was the night that the guys were going to kidnap my John and take him to his stag party. Well, one of the girls told me "if you want time with him now, you'd better go..." So, John and I went down to the beach, and parked. We talked about the past week, about how we've been dealing with the stress, the fun stuff, and everything, and then we talked about our thoughts for tomorrow--the big day. It was nice to finally get away with him, and talk in private where no one could hear us. So, I drove back to my aunts house, where the "getaway car" was waiting. And of course, I dont give up easily...they all said " c'mon John, we'll bring you back to the house" I said eventually "if you want him, you gotta get him" So, I cruised all over my small town at speeds I'm not going to say lol, finally we stopped at our house, and I let them have him. People in my house were upset with me, well, sorry....I had fun, I had a really good time the night before I got married - even if it was cruising around my town.

October 4th************The BIG Day****************

Woke up...confusions about the hair appointments was a mess, trying to make bouquets/boutineers and everything all scattered over the place. So, we just all go to the salon, which was a 2 minute walk from my house lol....and plop ourselves in the chairs, and proceed to be beautified. When mine is done, my mom snags me and brings me to the grocery store, and to finish doing some last minute things at the reception hall (putting favors on the table, place cards) Then we go back to the house to finish getting ready...but not without some last minute woes.... First off, it's not that I dont care for tradition, but I really didn't care if my husband to be seen me in my dress, I dont believe in luck...
  • It wouldn't stop raining
  • My dj couldn't find 5 of the songs we needed for the dance, so I ran over to shoppers (2 mins away, next to salon) and grabbed some cds to put the songs onto
  • couldn't find the paper to print the thank you scrolls
  • I was upset with my photographer, because no one told me that the pictures were being done in another place than what my fiance and I had agreed on...
  • We were late for the ceremony
  • Outside our house, my heels kept sinking in the ground that had been saturated from the rain
  • My dad wouldn't stop driving around in circles in the church parking lot, which really pissed me off. No, he wasn't talking to me....that's another story on it's own!!
  • I was so upset, I asked my reverand to pray with me before I walked down the aisle because of my dad.

So, all of this happened about an hour before the ceremony started. The ceremony was beautiful, and yes I cried walking down the aisle. My dad handed me over to my "fiance" but he kept standing there. The reverand had to tell him to sit down lol. I forgot to tell my fiance that I put my engagement ring on the other hand...he didnt realize this, and tried to put the wedding ring on my right hand. It was kinda funny. My cousin gave me a tip before he put the ring on for me to slightly bend my finger, and believe worked...otherwise we would have needed a ton of oil to get that ring on my finger. What can I say...everything was beautiful...the rain wasn't just sprinkled here and there. We went to get my husband changed ( he wore his cadet uniform) and now he had to change into his mess kit ...still military stuff. We did some pictures at the place aunts place and then proceeded to the reception.

The reception was great, funny times, tears, name it. The food...well, it was traditional Newfoundland cold plate dinner buffet. IT was soooo yummy though. And if the people wanted us to kiss...they had to get up and sing a song with " love " in it. So, not too many people wanted to sing lol. That was fine by us.

The dances were beautiful. heres the list of what we danced to...

  • Bride and Groom 1st Dance --"You are the love of my life" by Michael W. Smith
  • Bride and Father 1st Dance --"Dance with me daughter" by John McDermott
  • Groom and Mother 1st Dance -- "Angels" by Randy Travis
  • Bridal party and bride and grooms fun dance -- "Cha Cha Slide"
  • Garter ceremony--"Little red riding hood" by sam the sham and the pharohs
  • Bouquet toss --"girls just wanna have fun" by cyndi lauper
  • Bride and groom last dance song -- "Save the last dance for me" by Michael Buble

Ooohh...I'll mention about the garter cermony song....John had a wolf mask and I had a red cape. WE acted it out, and wowed ALL of our guests. Neither one of us knew what the other was gonna do, and we didn't practice it at all. People are still talking about from what I hear. And our last dance song, we learned the salsa from a youtube video, and well, did our best from that.

It was fun!! We had a blast, and then we slipped out the door while our last dance song was playing...and went off to our wedding night stay. We chose a condo near the base of the ski mountain...because it was 1/2 the price of the place we had booked originally. It was beautiful..electric fireplace (took us forever to figure out how to use it) huge bathroom, fully furnished....and that is where I'm going to leave this story...well, that part anyhow...just use your imaginations lol.

October 5

Presents, presents and more presents!!! Our guests were generous to us, and all of our gifts were very lovely. I must say, I love, I over reacted to a gift from my was the complete bathroom set that I had placed on our registry hehe....I literally freaked out that we recieved it lol.

We decided that day that some of us would drive to Gros Morne National Park. We went there, drove as far as the Arches provincial park. And on the way back, we seen a huge bull moose. We stopped in a small community and had moose burgers, moose stew, fish and chips, and cod tongues....great food, good laughs, great friends. I got to know John's friends a lot more, and they are wonderful...they truly are. So, that was the end of that day/evening.

If you were at the wedding, and you helped out in any way shape or form, I cant thank you enough. You mean so much to me. If you're reading this just for the sake of reading it, and want to get the goods and the bads....happy reading.