Sunday, March 14, 2010

39 weeks pregnant

The countdown is nearly done...I hope :) So, here is that photo that I have been witholding. Baby has still *as far as I know* not dropped. I do not like personal, if it looks like a fake smile, that's because it is :) <---that one was not.

The Nursery

The theme we chose to go with for the baby's room is natural/woodland animals. My husband and I decorated the room together. The main battle was finding curtains that we like that would also match the decor, they were a last minute buy.

This is the wall decal just above baby's crib. We picked it up at Winners for a mere $9.00

A view of baby's closet. Rather than getting a dresser, for the time being we picked up an organizer from Walmart and it seems to be working out just fine for baby's clothes.
This is the wall opposite baby's crib. We seen the circle idea on several other websites and thought it would be an inexpensive way to decorate neutrally. We bought minimal fabric, and picked up wooden embroidery circles at the local craft store. It was sooo easy to do. The "BABY" picture we picked up at Winners for 15.00.

Our stroller and rocking chair.
The blanket on the rocking chair says "my little Newfie blanket".

The curtains we managed to find at the Sears Bargain Basement, and including the rod...cost 45.00. The little blue bouncer seat was a gift from the LCOM girls :)

A view of the crib.

It's a better view of the decal :)

The main area :) Everything that I will need is easily accessible from this shelf. It was free as we brought it with us when we moved :) We decided not to get a change table, because of advice from several different people around.